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But there’s another facet to the legend, one I remember pretty vividly from my first encounter with it in – I think – Carey Miller’s pot-boiler Baffling Mysteries, one of the paperback oddity books I used to devour as a kid.

One passenger, so the story goes, survived the loss of the doomed ship by disembarking when she called at the South African port of Durban just before she vanished.

– we’ll also set ourselves a totally spurious time deadline of, say, one hour to gather as much information we possibly can. Our subject is one I’ve known of vaguely for years and years, but never properly looked into: the mysterious disappearance of the SS Waratah, a brand-new passenger ship belonging to the Blue Anchor Line, in July 1909.

The ship, a 9,300 ton, single-stack luxury liner intended for the London-Sydney route, vanished off the coast of South Africa with all hands – a total of 211 passengers and crew.

We want to make sure our take on the story is accurate, and we want, if possible, to add some new information.

How do we go about making a start with our research?

As Sawyer watched, horrified, she was struck on the beam by a huge wave that rolled her over and sent her plunging to the bottom.“We have 3,000 people on a known terrorist list,” Farage said.“But we have a further 20,000 people who are persons of interest, namely they’re linked in some way to extremist organizations.” “Unless we see the government getting tough, you will see public calls for those 3,000 to be arrested,” Farage added, admitting that approach could alienate the Muslim community in England, the overwhelming majority of which are not linked in any way to terrorism.But later on , Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins didn't appear to show any concern in calling for the arrest of Muslims suspected of having ties with extremist elements. that 3,000 people on the watch list are going to be rounded up,” Hopkins said. Before, I would have bought the idea that this gets more people radicalized…but we’ve gone beyond the tipping point.” The clarification by Clayton about internment camps is also noteworthy because President Donald Trump made it clear Sunday morning he was watching the broadcast. James Mitchell criticized political correctness in the fight against terrorism, Trump sent out a tweet echoing his words.

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But all tellers or the tale agree that as well as brandishing a sword, the mute figure that haunted Sawyer’s dreams was carrying a blood-soaked cloth that it thrust towards the engineer.

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