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Posted by / 28-Jun-2017 07:17

In light of the most recent discussion about porn in this thread on Deadskirts, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and bought a clip from a non-porn producer I don't normally buy from.

Brit's outfit and knotted peep-toe pumps are what sold me on this clip.

As he finishes the last few buttons, he tells her to leave her hands right where they are and not to move them.Their conversation continues as the camera pans back up to her face.Drew, tripping over his own dialogue, suggests the two of them start dating to make it easier on everyone, and she won't have to set him up with anyone else again. Drew counters by asking her to show him to the door to prove she's a woman he can trust." Trouble is - as if the video isn't bad enough already - it becomes his favorite word throughout the rest of clip.Even during the necro fondling; though by then he's dropped the menacing tone for a more complimentary one. Moments later, Drew carries her back over to the kitchen and lays her on the countertop where he spends the remaining few minutes of the video removing the rest of her clothes and fondling and caressing his prize.

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