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The positive precept enjoining the exercise of the virtue of hope demands fulfilment sometimes, because one has to discharge certain Christian duties which involve an act of this supernatural confidence, such as prayer, penance, and the like.

Its obligation is then said, in the language of the schools, to be per accidens .

Both in itself and in the scope of its operation it outstrips the limits of the created order, and is to be had if at all only through the direct largess of the Creator.Of course in such a theory there could not properly speaking be any place for the virtue of hope as we understand it.It is easy also to see how it fits in with the initial Protestant position of identifying faith and confidence and thus making hope rather an act of the intellect than of the will.It is necessary first of all as an indispenssible means ( necessitate medii ) of attaining salvation, so that no one can enter upon eternal bliss without it.Hence even infants, though they cannot have elicited the act, must have had the habit of hope infused in Baptism.

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