F-test two-sample for variances online dating danilo gentili stand up completo online dating

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F-test two-sample for variances online dating

We will test if the variances of x1 are the same among the three levels of x3.

The null hypothesis of Levene's test is that the variances are equal.

However, if you were to select the options of "Difference less than hypothesize difference" you would get a decision that conflicts with the the prior option.

If the associated p-value is less than the declared level (usually 0.05), the variances are not equal across groups.

Typically we base the test on means, however there are other more robust varieties that are based on medians or trimmed means.

Next, one has to determine if the samples are independent samples or dependent samples in order to choose between a 2-sample test and the paired test.

We will start with comparing two independent population proportions, move to comparing two independent population means, from there to paired population means, and ending with the comparison of two independent population variances.

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or "Are you sure you want to conduct a right-tailed test? Instead, the researcher is responsible for understanding and interpreting the results.