Free no sign up sext international introduction dating agency

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Free no sign up sext

I will be sending you my information to you shortly.I be texting you from my company phone in just a min sir. This is Robert Wilson and I am touching base with you to let you know that this is my work number.

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TDS is hearing from several gay and straight men that the scam is targeting them on the dating site Po F (Plenty of Fish) Read our article "Plenty of Fish Has Plenty of Sharks" and our newest article Your Worst Nightmare: Sexting a Minor... This scary and brilliantly simple scam came to our attention in early September 2015 from Reddit user “Dazed Guy87” and we thank him for giving us permission to report his story.

You can read the initial Reddit post and user responses on

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Once you have downloaded the money to the card i just need the 10 digit code under the scratch off on the back of the card. Also the numbers that contacted me [were] from Alabama, which according to the guy they moved from there to Virginia over a year ago. Reaching out to other young people is as common as breathing.

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