Game player dating

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Game player dating

These idiots suddenly cut all contact off with you once they no longer wanted to continue the relationship.These players come on strong, flirt and give you a ton of attention, and even may tell you “they love you” just to be sexual, then once the deed is done, disappear.Games are where people’s feelings don’t matter, because it’s all just for fun, trivial, a diversion, all a friendly competition. There is no rulebook that everyone agrees on, no matter what best-selling authors with financial incentives to the contrary may have you believe… But in something so personal as romance, few of us think with our heads and hearts before responding from our fears and unfulfilled needs.Or, because players choose to play, and losing is just proof of weakness. ’ We can say, nonchalant and smug, when we’ve hurt someone who trusted us and cared for us: ‘I was playing by the rules! and telling readers that they will lose unless they follow this patented system for playing the game is an excellent sales tactic; framing courtship as a game with rules that everyone knows but you is a great way to scare anyone into a sale. When someone decides it’s OK to cheat because it’s less than a year in, or lies and manipulates, or uses and pretends, and the other is heartbroken… People who wanted to love and be loved, who opened their hearts and lives and legs.Protect yourself and your heart by not becoming intimate early on; move slowly in dating to see if this person could become a potential partner. Your body is a gift; many women think being sexual quickly will win a man; but the opposite is always true.It’s important that you learn “the rules of success for dating” to ensure that you don’t get hurt and instead, get the love you deserve.So I’m just doing the smart thing: I’m just playing defense. There are rules of what’s allowed, and they do not match up with the morals of society at large: you aren’t allowed to punch someone in the face to get what you want in the real world, but that’s fine in boxing, encouraged even.

Unfortunately, people tend to do breadcrumbing to seek attention, without commitment. If not having sex upon the first meeting, one partner will give their prey plenty of flirtation and attention, until they get sexual; and then throw out some attention, such as Likes on your social media, or a random text hello – just enough to keep you on the line for another fast hookup.If you suspect you had a date with someone playing emotional games, flirting excessively that they loved the date, but then don’t text you back for 4-5 days; and then come back to you strong late at night, or for a last-minute date – delete their number, and move on. When dating, there are certain rules to follow and questions one must ask before, during and after a date, to ensure you don’t attract a toxic partner.Kind people with a conscious who are sincerely looking for love and really want to find an exclusive partner will not be playing these types of games.In the techno, hetero and same-sexed dating world, many people are looking for a “fast sexual hookup” without responsibility, love, connection or obligation. The “swipe apps” where you quickly choose, “Are they Hot or are they Not? It’s sad because you may conceive they are truly interested in you and in having a real connection, but instead, waste your time when you could focus on someone genuine.It’s a very dangerous, toxic pattern that innocent people can get caught up in quickly.

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It’s time for us lowly (opposite gender) to start fighting back, protecting ourselves, and getting ours every once in a while!

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