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This is a Ballistic Knife, which shoots blades out of the handle at extreme force. NOT TO BE USEE) IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANY OTHER OFFER.

It's natural for people to talk about the money mentioned, but I honestly didn't come to Manchester for financial rewards. With the world recession, it's bonkers money, though! Naturally, there's a rush for everyone who now watches City - they think we must win every game! To do that, though, the new players have to work as a team. But not content with a pay packet that's actually higher than the combined weekly earnings of Prem new boys Blackpool, the Ivory Coast star also trousers (tax-free): • £1.65m a year for image rights • £832,000 every time City qualify for the Champions League • £1.2m in total if City actually win the Champions League • £150,000 if City lift the Premier League trophy Nuts 13 Gemma Arterton Why did nobody tell us former Bond girl Gem got her wangers out in The Disappearance Of Alice Creed? NEWS 3 ui CA Kelly Brook ayboy party, TV beauty Louisa spent most of her holiday drinking mojitos and wearing tiny bikinis. A vert your eyes, menfolk, for you shouldn't have to behold such tragedy. " J 9 ENGLAND VS HUNGARY 9.24pm The England winger's not impressed with an opponent after a free-kick goes against him. Fortunately, the pub's revellers were steering clear of the suspect corner when the second car made a dash to the bar, otherwise a truly terrible crime would've been committed - namely, the spil li ng of the heavenly amber nectar! SOt SSl The Youth Olympics 2.2DEH Sea biscuit; ftoma starring Tobey Maguire.

These are big figures but I don't want to focus on it, I know the value of money - not having had a lot growing up - so I don't take it for granted. I've always loved the Premier League, so to be here is great. But with Man United and Chelsea so strong, we may have to be patient to claim the league. I know United have been successful and City not so in recent years, but perhaps they'll now think we're a threat. We'd have gone to see it at the cinema - now we have to wait for the DVD. The sexiest Saturday of all had a slight "wardrobe malfunction" while signing an autograph for a lucky fan. Every bloke in Marbella spent the whole time lying face down in the sand, unable to stand up! „, This is the avalanche of | wreckage left behind after a beer =j truck overturned in Chojnice, 2 Poland, with thousands of bottles g of sweet amber nectar on board, o Here at Nuts, we'd like to send ^ our sincerest condolences to any o bereaved Polish readers, and | assure them that we're currently " lobbying our own Government " to intervene in this catastrophe, g Maybe by getting a round in. " ENGLAND VS HUNGARY Wembley, Wed 11 Aug, 9.24pm The England skipper goes mad after grabbing a long-range equaliser. Might have a change now, for Milner" ENGLAND VS HUNGARY 9.17pm With the scores still locked at 0-0, the gaffer considers bringing the creative midfielder on. j Stuart Pearce: "Ask Hart to kick the ball long" mm ENGLAND VS HUNGARY 9.24pm The Under-21 boss hands out instructions to the senior side's goalkeeping coach, Ray Clemence. So, if you're down Chichester way, make sure you pop in for a pint at Britain's unluckiest pub! 4.30(553 F irta I Score 5.20 Hole in the Wall (R) 5.

I'd prefer to talk about the opportunity I've got at City. This must make it exciting for the people of Manchester. A waste, really, as the only people who like The Saturdays are 12-year-old girls! T Roxanne Pallett Out and about, Londo Roxy joined the cast of her new musical Rock Around The C/odcfor a naughty night out in London. Geordtesagairii NUt S 15 Nut S EWS Beer spill disaster! s "Here's your breakfast, Mr Gascoigne" ill ^^^^^^^ "... FOOD SERVED MON - SAT 11.30 noon - 2.30 6.30 - 9.30 SUNDAY 12 noon - 4.00 6.30 - 9.30 "Sorry, I thought I heard you say last orders! IHI\UI1 OIMEN MAKE-TONIGHT Moyi NIGH - - h CEBB Dl CAPRIO CROWE ' BODY l\ I OF LIEs\? S0 BBC News, Regional News, Weather 6.10101 Ways to Leavea Gameshow 7 A □□a TWO 6.0Dam CBeebies 7.251^11 CBBC 12.00noon BBC Switch: Degrassi: The Next Gene ration 12.25pm Scene Stealers 12.55 The Show 1.20 The Show 1.30 The Almost Perfect Guide to Ufe(R| 1.55 Revealed 2.10 Revealed 2.25103 Advise and Consent: Melodrama stirring Henry Fonda.

V if The page that no England fan would ever hot \ Brooke, Sarra and Sarah In a hot tub, Brighton This might look like a millionaire's back garden in Ibiza, but it's actually in our new favourite place ever, Brighton. Takes us right back to our school days - although we never looked so good in a skirt! SALT OFFERS HOLLYWOOD'S MOST SUCCESSFUL FEMALE ACTION STAR A NEW PLATFORM TO KICK ASS." **★* Aubrey Day -Total Film WH □ IS SALT? 4.40 The Great British Bake Off(R) 5.40 Caravans: A British Love Affair (R)6j40 BBC Proms 2010 itv 1 5.30am ITV News 6.00 G MTV 9.25 The Crocodile H unter Diaries (R) 10, 25 Children's Hospital ; Rj 10.55 Monk 11.55 News, Weather 1 2,00noon This Morning ; Saturday 1-OOpmin Z) The Man with the Golden Gun: James Bond adventure with Roger Moore and 'Britt Ikland.

Well, wash your Y-fronts, online campers, lor Aclivision has finally unveiled the first look at Black Ops' multiplayer stuff.

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7.10 Tonight's the Night An aspiring comedian joins Adam Sandler and Chris Rack on the red carpet Blimey!

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