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Intimidating uniforms

The third last girl was a stunning Nordic looking woman who sold for a high bid of ,300.When the last girl was sold the woman with the microphone announced "Congratulations on your purchases guys, let the games begin." I was only three or four tables from Janice and didn't have a bad view.The downside to the day was that I wouldn't get home until at least eight o'clock. It is getting bigger and better every year." She explained. There are sports programs to keep them active and teach them teamwork and there is also a food bank type of program for low income households." "So what is my wife's role? I sat down and tried not to think of what my wife would be doing for the next two and a bit days. Please do not try to talk to your wife/girlfriend etcetera. There were pictures of slaves being punished by whipping.It was a little after eight when I got home and, as I drove past the house on my way to the underground parking entrance, I noticed a familiar car sitting outside. " "Actually, I wanted to invite both of you." She replied. After what seemed like an eternity the door opened and Ronnie came in. The atmosphere in the room took on a very hostile mood."Gentlemen, who will start the bidding for this property? A cry of "one hundred bucks" came and everyone laughed. The girl on the platform tried to dance but she was very wooden.Agonizingly the bidding went up in ten dollar increments and the "property" was told to dance to try to entice higher bids. Finally the bid reached 0 and the woman yelled "Sold! Some of the girls danced very well and they generally were well bid on.

There were still days when she worked from home and I sometimes wondered if Jeff or Marcus or somebody had spent the day but I had no proof and, to be honest, I wouldn't have objected much if they had. He will shut his hotel down for the entire weekend for the event." "How come you don't just hire the staff or use the hotel staff? "We prefer volunteer staff so that we don't have to pay them. The waitresses will be allocated a certain table and she will only serve that particular table. " "As a way to raise more money for charity the waitresses will be auctioned. " "We have fifty tables of eight, fifty waitresses and, at the moment, forty nine busboys." She answered. I figured that, even if I didn't see much of my wife, I would at least get to watch plenty of other girls getting fucked. There were a few lewd comments about some of the things that they were going to do for Janice later. The black guy pointed to a door and said to my wife "your changing room is through that door" and then he pointed to a door on the opposite side of the room and told me "that is where you will change." He turned and strolled back towards the lobby. In the change room I saw a number of clothes racks with uniforms hanging on them.

It was just a hope because I had no idea what table she would end up on.

As I took my position I noticed that a platform had been put up on the stage and a black lady was stood there with a microphone in her hand. The ladies had been instructed to line up near the steps at the right hand side of the stage.

She pointed at Janice and nodded her head vigorously.

The guy yelled a bid of ,600 and my wife was sold.

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Next please." The "property" exited stage left and made her way to her table. There was one short plump girl who had hardly stood on the platform before a bid of $1,200 came from one table.