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But it’s important, because with a food like fried chicken you want it to be really, really crisp.And the more surface area you have, the more sort of little nooks and crannies you have, the crisper it’s going to feel in your mouth, the better sauce is going to cling to it. So crispy foods, you want them to be really craggly and have a very high surface-area-to-volume ratio. If you want to, say, cook a prime rib roast for example, or even like a tenderloin steak that you want it to actually be in as compact, either as spherical or cylindrical shape as possible because that minimizes surface-area-to-volume ratio and that’s important because for things like that, the more surface area you have, the more it’s going to dry out while it’s cooking because there’s just more surface for moisture to escape from and the less evenly it’s going to cook.And that was pretty much perfect for me because they sell magazines by asking questions and spending the money and the time to answer them. So, what I’ll do is I’ll go look to as many sources I can for the history of the dish, as many different recipes to see how different people are making it.LÓPEZ-ALT: There’s a difference between temperature and energy.And if you stick your hand in there, you’re going to burn your hand.At the same time, you can have an oven at 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius and you can stick your hand in there for like a minute and you’ll barely feel it.There are now things we call baking steels, which are solid sheets of steel that you heat up in your oven and they transfer energy to your pizza much, much faster than a stone can, even if they’re at the same temperature.

It has like 30 ovens, 25 burners; it’s a big test kitchen.

And if you look even closer, you’ll see that maybe it’s more like two-and-a-half inches.

And this is a phenomenon that geologists see with coastlines — that the further away you are, the smoother they seem and the shorter they are.

So that’s why, if you’re cooking a tenderloin steak or you’re roasting a whole tenderloin or prime rib, you generally want to tie it up a little bit so that it retains that nice cylindrical shape.

And that, you know, it’s about more than just aesthetics.

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“If I can help just one person become more campaign.

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