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Kostenlose dating portale Trier

After the Napoleonic Wars ended in 1815, Trier passed to the Kingdom of Prussia.The German philosopher and one of the founders of Marxism, Karl Marx was born in the city in 1818.The Franks seized Trier from Roman administration in 459.In 870, it became part of Eastern Francia, which developed into the Holy Roman Empire.Northern Gaul was held by the Romans along a line from north of Cologne to the coast at Boulogne through what is today southern Belgium until 460.South of this line, Roman control was firm, as evidenced by the continuing operation of the imperial arms factory at Amiens.A residence of the Western Roman Emperor, Roman Trier was the birthplace of Saint Ambrose.

In the Middle Ages, the Archbishop-Elector of Trier was an important prince of the church, as the archbishop-electorate controlled land from the French border to the Rhine.This counts only those executed within the city itself, and the real number of executions, counting also those executed in all the witch hunts within the diocese as a whole, was therefore even larger.The exact number of people executed has never been established; a total of 1,000 has been suggested but not confirmed.The city continued to be inhabited but was not as prosperous as before.However, it remained the seat of a governor and had state factories for the production of ballistae and armor and woolen uniforms for the troops, clothing for the civil service, and high-quality garments for the Court.

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) and Triers (see also names in other languages), is a city in Germany on the banks of the Moselle.

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