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However, recent allegations that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia breached anti-money laundering laws suggest that the big banks are not immune from the problem. According to the research company Neilsen, “nearly all online Australians have used the internet to do some form of purchasing activity”.

This means that Australians are increasingly sharing their credit card details with companies around the world. Many organisations have been compromised in some way, including Australian companies like Kmart and David Jones.

Still, it’s fair to ask: are the banks doing enough to keep our details secure?

The banks currently have a range of measures in place to protect customers from card fraud: Overall, Australian financial institutions are investing time and technology into the prevention of fraud.

Still, it’s difficult to protect against social engineering techniques used by offenders to manipulate victims into handing over their personal details.

No one group alone can effectively end online credit card fraud.

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Pointing the finger of blame at any one party is not a constructive solution.

Banks alone cannot combat online credit card fraud. There are simple steps to reduce the likelihood of online fraud: having up-to-date antivirus software and strong passwords is an important step.

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