Online dating dangers and precautions for rsv

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Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus (RSV) is a respiratory virus that causes mild, cold-like symptoms in older children and adults, but it can be serious in babies and young children.

It's the most common cause of lower respiratory tract infections in young children.

Respiratory syncytial virus infection (RSV): Trends and surveillance.

https://gov/rsv/research/[Accessed March 2017]Ralston SL.

One that I used was Bounty’s pregnancy calculator but there are many if you search for them. One potentially dangerous complication of premature infants is RSV. RSV is a common virus that affects almost 100% of babies by the age of 2. Preemies are at an increased risk for complications from RSV due to their immature immune systems and underdeveloped lungs.

This can lead to complications that threaten the life of the infant.

(Antibiotics won't work to treat RSV on its own because it's a virus.) Like the common cold, there's no cure for RSV, but you can take steps to keep your child comfortable: RSV isn't as much of a health concern for school-age children and adults. I’ve seen countless premature babies born and cared for and then the joyous day comes when they are sent home. What are the next steps and what’s involved in their future as a prematurely born baby?There are some things that you should know and be educated about.Children at the highest risk include: But in most cases, even when the infection is serious and children need extra care, they're in the hospital for only a few days and usually recover completely within two weeks. In children, RSV is the most common cause of two lung disorders: bronchiolitis, which blocks air flow by making the small airways in the lungs swell and fill with mucus, and pneumonia, an infection and inflammation of the lungs.

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If you are a friend or relative to a mother who has experienced a premature birth then it is equally important that you understand some of the health implications that prematurity involves.