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How about looking into legal abuses of Battistelli? How about constitutional issues associated with UPC?While the EC/EP/EU (or the Committee on Legal Affairs) looked the other way more EPO staff committed suicide and the institution became synonymous with lawlessness.Based on a judgment delivered in a language that the SME does not even understand…”The EPO is basically trying to buy ‘facts’.

The short notice describes the ruling as the first SEP injunction to be issued in China on the basis of an “international” SEP.The UPC is more or less dead (just not officially). To use this example from today at IAM, China is the next Eastern District of Texas.No point pushing it in the UK now that Johnson is out, but they are so deseperate that they will attempt , even 39 pages of text (as above) and money for corruptible academics. Shenzhen facilitates embargoes now: The Intermediate People’s Court in Shenzhen has handed down the latest milestone Chinese FRAND decision, with local telecom Huawei earning an SEP injunction as part of its wide-ranging assertion campaign against Samsung Electronics.Where were these ‘public’ servants when that happened?Battistelli, as noted in this article from today, further shields his nepotist succession plan so that his mates will continue to control the EPO long after he’s gone.

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party statement in the German court proceedings has been made public,” a reader told us today. They are not concerned citizens but greedy, self-serving people who propelled the UPC to where it got.

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