Salvador allende documental online dating

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Salvador allende documental online dating

The other half are waving flags with Allende’s face, or ones that say Socialista Allendista on it.

His political party, the PRO, has a host of local and regional candidates at the event, and they’re all wearing Allende T-shirts.

When the coup happened, he sent MEO, then just months old, into hiding.

The family changed the infant’s name and smuggled him out of the country, where he grew up in exile in Paris, eventually adding the name of his adopted father.

He ran an insurgent presidential campaign four years ago that almost overturned Chilean politics—his 20 percent was nearly enough to force his way into the presidential runoff.

This time around he has gone more conventional, trying to organize a political party that might challenge Bachelet from the left.

But Chile has been torn by a more elemental question for four decades: Was Allende a martyr for his country or a Marxist leading the country to ruin?

The granddaughter of one of Latin America's most revered and tragic political figures, former Chilean president Salvador Allende, Tambutti Allende grew up knowing precious little of her "Chicho"; the deep emotional wounds felt not only by his widow Hortensia, but their surviving children, often made personal information hard to come by.

This anniversary has featured a wave of new revelations, however, including the hit documentary series , which transfixed the country with never-before-aired footage of the coup and its aftermath.

More institutions like Santiago’s Museum of Memory are doing the hard work of cataloging the facts of military rule.

But the rally with the fake glasses is a campaign event for the candidate who is the most direct ideological heir of Allende—a robust socialist named Marco Enriquez-Ominami, who believes in a social safety net, strong public schools, and public health care.

Of his core supporters in the VIP section in front of the stage, only half are waving his flags.

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Amid a spike in Salvador Allende’s popularity, particularly among younger Chileans, his glasses (like the ones above) are icons—stenciled on sidewalks,printed on T-shirts, the inspiration for songs like “Allende’s Glasses” by Manuel García.