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Single stammtisch trier

It was to have served as the central nodal point for the planned Adolf-Hitlerstra2000 metres.

Soon after the founding of the NSDAP in 1925, Party members and supporters of Hitler imprinted their ideology and imagery within the university quarter.

Instead of the Friedenheimer bridge, the gigantic new main railway station was to be built according to the ideas of the Nazis.

The dismantled track body was designed to be a boulevard with countless buildings in the monumental Nazi style, and the dome of the main railway station was supposed to be the highlight of this new axis.

During the Nazi era this building administered the expropriation of assets of political opponents and racial undesirables through public auctions of furnishings.

Regarding the “Arisierung” of Jewish property, the fiscal authority located here played a key role.

While some demolitions were made along the railway, there was no implementation of the new plans in the war.

He then asked a jeweller to design a model, but when this proved too feeble, he invented his own- a menacing eagle which appeared about to take flight.

The city was home to the NSDAP headquarters, the Beer Hall Putsch and also saw the establishment of Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp.

Post-war designs were not pursued until 1949 with the current arms shown for comparison at the bottom.

My students at the start of the annual trip to Berlin.

During the air raids on Munich in the Second World War the station was heavily hit, but it was not until February 25, 1945 that train traffic had to be redirected after 112 bombings.

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