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Steven universe episode 75 online dating

I noticed this difference about 5 years ago and chalked it up to new editions being re-labelled.

episodes had the “See It First” designation when they appeared on the app.

Yet while uploading the new episodes did create awareness, for many fans, it was only after Cartoon Network had taken them offline that they even knew the episodes were available to view.

That’s because Cartoon Network soon took down all but one of the episodes — “Steven’s Dream,” the first of the new episodes scheduled to air later this month — in the early hours of Jan. That gave some viewers enough time to rip them from the app, then upload them to You Tube.

“If this is an intentional ploy I wish someone would tell us so we don’t stress like this.” After learning where the episodes came from — the official app — she elaborated on her position about the leaks in a blog post.

“If you watched the episodes on the CN app, you’re cool,” Tran wrote. If you’re downloading it from illegal sources, however: illegal sources don’t pay licensing fees to show an episode like legit sources do.

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Stephen Comer said: I would like to say that I VERY CLEARLY remember “Berenstain Bears” being Berenstein Bears.