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Tattoo chick dating

So this means that tattoos are equated in both sexes with a higher testosterone level. If you want a tattoo, get it for the right reason; though it may make you the envy of men, it won't garner you any extra dates.

Tattoo girls is a memoir of life as it is and of women as they are.

“The dark side of testosterone-related features perfectly explains why women assessed tattooed men ” researchers wrote.

The male hormone is also responsible for motivation, the sex drive, and a positive attitude.

Too high a testosterone level is considered a turnoff.Sometimes the photos were modified by adding a small tattoo on the arm.Male participants ranked each photo with a tattoo as more attractive to women.It equates, at least on a biological-evolutionary level, to a higher likelihood of him having an affair.Ten years ago, a breakthrough study at the University of New Mexico discovered that men with low testosterone levels tended to remain in committed relationships.

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