Tree ring dating oldest

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Tree ring dating oldest

Numerous reference chronologies have been developed, and through statistical analysis it is generally possible to date timbers from over most of the UK.However, different regions of the country experienced different climate, and dating may be problematic in some areas where the reference chronology coverage is weak and still in the process of development.The fourth goal is to identify ponderosa pine trees from which the living inner bark, or cambium, had been harvested prehistorically for famine food.At various locations in the greater North American West, including southern and western Colorado, there is evidence that indigenous populations peeled the bark off of ponderosa pine trees during periods of resources stress (Martorano 1990, 1999).A core from the scare face was taken in an effort to date the cambium-harvesting event.

Although the analysis of those specimens is ongoing, dozens of new dates have already been obtained.

Dendrochronology is a science of precise dating, by the accurate counting of annual tree growth-rings, which allows dating wooden items to the year.

The pattern of annual tree-rings differs each year, depending upon the growing conditions at the time.

Dendrochronological research on archeological and living wood in the park holds the potential to more accurately date building construction phases and provide insights into climate changes and human adaptation to these changes.

Since 2006, I have been involved in an archeological tree-ring dating program that focuses on collecting samples from some of the last datable beams remaining in the park. The first goals is to ensure that all previously collected but unanalyzed tree-ring specimens collected at Mesa Verde NP have been analyzed and, hopefully, dated by specialists at the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (LTTR), University of Arizona.

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Of these, roughly 250 are known to contain wood, but only about one tenth (24) of those contain wood from secure contexts that are likely to be datable.